KUANTAN Escort Girl

Kuantan Escort Girl 

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Kuantan Escort Girl

Local freelance party girl provide you high quality escort girl from all over Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and many more place, our girl is well train in terns of services and skill of sex. The escort girl selected with quality base on your requirement. Face, body, boobs and communication is what we looking for and what we need to provide to our valuable client. Proven by our client all escort girl is good and with high girl friends feels

Kuantan Escort Girl- Netty


Name 名字:Netty

Age 年龄:      23yo   ​​

Height 身高  :    167cm

Weight 体重:    48kg   ​​

Body 三围:       34C 24 34

Country国籍:  Thailand 泰国

Price收费:        RM190.00

​​Service 服务:   波推,全身漫游,口交

Kuantan Escort Girl- Lele


Name 名字:乐乐 le le 

Age 年龄:     22yo   ​​

Height 身高  :    163cm

Weight 体重:   46kg   ​​

Body 三围:      34D 24 34

Country国籍: China  中国

Price收费:         RM220.00

​​Service 服务:   波推,全身漫游,口交

Kuantan Escort Girl- Aisha


Name 名字:Aisha

Age 年龄:      23yo   ​​

Height 身高  :    165cm

Weight 体重:    47kg   ​​

Body 三围:      34D 24 34

Country国籍: malaysia 马来西亚(Local malay )

Price收费:       RM240.00

​​Service 服务: 波推,全身漫游,口交

Kuantan Escort Girl- Cherry


Name 名字:Cherry

Age 年龄:    22yo   ​​

Height 身高  :   163cm

Weight 体重:   46kg  ​​

Body 三围:      34D 24 34

Country国籍: Vietnam 越南

Price收费:        RM190.00

​​Service 服务:  波推,全身漫游,口交